Instructions for installing ArcGIS

Due to the current situation, the desk at IT is closed. Therefore, anyone who needs ArcGIS must contact to obtain ArcGIS Pro

To get the license code for ArcGIS, come by our office in Sagabygget with your computer.

Check the system requirements here

  1. Sign up to download and activate ArcGIS with this link: register
  2. Fill out this form.filloutform
  3. Input your recieved license code and choose activate. activate
  4. Select the latest version.selectversion
  5. Download “ArcGIS Desktop”. If you had a previous version of ArcGIS installed ArcGIS recommends that you run a separate utility to uninstall it, which you can find at the top of the list.DownloadFiles
  6. When you press “Download” you are asked if you want to use a download manager that requires java. If you have any problems with it, you can also download it the normal way.
  7. Select where to save the installation file and download it. Open when finished, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  8. After installation is completed, the program needs to be activated.
  9. Choose “Advanced (ArcInfo) Single Use” and press Authorize Now.authorize
  10. «I have installed…»authorize2
  11. «Authorize with Esri now…»authorize3
  12. Fill out this form. authorize4
  13. Choose whatever fits your use of the software the best.authorize5
  14. Input your recieved license code.  authorize6
  15. Select “I do not …” even if you need them. They will be enabled with the one code you have already entered. authorize7
  16. Make no changes and choose next.authorize8
  17. Done! ArcGIS is now ready to be used.authorize9

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