Important changes for existing students

Home/Common resources folders

As of July 8th your old Homefolder and the common resources folders on UMB and NVH and all Computer rooms that are not converted into NMBU be unavailable. You will not be losing any of the files from your Homefolder, which will be available at your new NMBU account as a folder, so that you can transfer files to your new Homefolder.

As a student of NMBU you have been granted a 25 GB Cloud storage in Office 365 (the email service for students), this will not be affected by the changes of the transition. Here you will also find Office programs that you can use through your web browser. Here you can also choose to install office locally on your computer.


As of July 8th all the old printers on campus will be replaced with new ones. There will be some down time as these are being changed, so except that you will not be able to print at NMBU in week number 28th.

Remote Desktop

There is a new solution for remote desktop for students. Here you will find you Home folder, common resources and many programs, including Microsoft Office. Read more here.


There will be a new VPN solution for students that want to map the new Homearea to your own computer. VPN is also used to get an NMBU IP, which will grant you access to all of the library resources when you’re not on campus.

Computer rooms

Computer rooms that are not installed in NMBU as from the July 8 can not be used.

Computer rooms installed in NMBU:

BTB.3A.10, TF01