How to print from your own computer

This guide will show you how to print from your own computer or any other computer. With the mobil print solution you can print from any device that can connect to the print mobil website.

Print through Home Office

You can print through Home Office from your own computer. When you log on Home Office you will have access to all the files stored on your computer, if you are using Windows. If you have a Mac (OS X), you have to have access from Home Office (f.ex. you can have your files stored in a cloud service like OneDrive)

Remember to choose the correct printer when you are trying to print. The name of the printer is NMBU-PullPrint-safe01.


Print with uploading documents

Open this link:

1. Sign in with your username and password


2. Upload the file you want to print and press “next”


3. When the file is uploaded you can choose between the following printers:

pullprint (black/white print to Ricoh printers)
pullprint-c (colorprint to Ricoh printers)

If you don’t need to do any changes with the file, you can just press one of the printers listed:


If you need to do changes or print out several copies, press “Advanced”


Once you are done, just press the chosen printer (pullprint or pullprint-c)

Print trough email service

You can send a picture or document to your print queue. This is very easy.

1. Log in to your nmbu email at

2. Send what you would like to print to:

3. In the subject field write ONE of the following:

For black/white  prints:

Subject:  “P:pullprint”

For Colour prints:

Subject: “P:pullprint-c”


3. The email is now ready to send

4. Go to a printer and swipe your ID card to get your print.

NB! It’s important that you send the document from your NMBU-email, in order to connect the printer to your user and your studentcard.