Guide to merging PDFs and submitting papers into Brage

Here are a couple tips for masters and bachelor students who are to deliver their papers in Brage! This is what we usally recommend:

  1. Download your NMBU title and back pages on this wbsite
  2. Last ned din NMBU forside og bakside mal på denne nettsiden:
  3. Use the progam “Adobe Reader XI” to change your name and the papers title. If you dont have this version of Reader installed you should download and install this version since it has been experienced that some versions of adobe reader will not let you make edits on the file and save it for you. You can find the program here for windows:…
    and here for mac:…
  4. When you have finished writing your main text for your paper you should export or save the finished file to the file format “pdf”
  5. When the title page, main text and back page are all saved in a pdf format then you can use this webpage to merge the seperate files into one single pdf:
  6. Then all that remains is to deliver your paper on Brage which you can read more about on this page:…/a…/innlevering-av-masteroppgaver-i-brage