Gitlab (information in english)

About the service offer services such as these:

  • Git. Version control software for computer source code.
  • Issue tracking. Create and track issues related to bug reports, feature requests and so on.
  • Continuous Integration (CI). Automatically build, test and deploy software.
  • Epics and roadmaps. Planning tools for software projects.

All the data are stored on servers located in the US.

Terms and guidelines

Before accessing the service, you’re obliged to acquaint yourself with the Gitlab terms, as well as the NMBU guidelines.

NMBU guidelines

If you’ve gained access to an educational license, you must notify the IT department as soon as you either:

  • no longer require the license
  • do not meet the criteria for educational license

As our guidelines may be subject to change, you’re on a regular basis obliged to check back here for updates.

Sensitive data

Do not store sensitive data in Examples of sensitive data:

  • Password
  • Infrastructure specific information
  • Personal identifiable information

Gitlab terms and conditions

Gitlab terms and conditions are published here.

How to gain access to the service

NMBU has an educational license, meaning that students and individuals teaching the students can gain free access to From the Gitlab terms:

“Students” shall mean individuals enrolled at least part-time at an educational institution. “Faculty” shall mean those individuals teaching the Students.

If you meet this criteria, you can apply for a license by sending an email to the IT department ( Before sending the request, please read through the terms and conditions, and in the request explicitly confirm that you accept these.

Students are encouraged to apply for a license through their teachers.

Note that only users with a are authorized for accessing the NMBU’s group on Gitlab,

For teachers

As a teacher you’ll be granted with the role “owner” for the (set of) Gitlab group(s) you’ll be managing. Your access to these groups will have an expiration date for approximately one year. When that deadline approaches, please contact the IT department if you need to extend the expiration date.

The role “owner” gives you access to invite students to your Gitlab groups. The student’s access expiration date should be set to a reasonable time after the course has ended. For courses held in the autumn, the expiration date will typically be Februar 1st the following year, while for courses held in the spring the expiration date will typically be September 1st.

The student’s data will be deleted after the expiration date. You are obliged to inform your students of this.