Folder Redirection

What is “Folder Redirection”?

“Folder Redirection” is a function in Windows that automatically synchronize your data to your homearea (Z:). This ensures a backup of your data, protection from dataloss in cases of theft, faulty disk(s) etc. If you have more than one computer, files will be synchronized in the background. Please note that “Folder Redirection” NOT ensures a backup – read more about “Limitations with Folder Redirection” below.

How does “Folder Redirection” work?

“Folder Redirection” will be applied to folders “Documents” and “Favorites”. This can easily be seen in Windows Explorer as they will be marked with green circles. Please contact IT if you don’t see the green circles.

Synchronizing folders will have a green circle.

Synchronizing folders will have a green circle.

When your computer is connected to NMBUs network and you save files to these folders, your files will be saved directly to your homearea. In addition, a local copy is made on your computer that will be available when you are offline. This will also happen when you are connected to a different network, with Direct Access enabled[1]. Files you are working with while offline, will be saved locally and synchronized next time you connect to internet or NMBU. The newest version of a file will always win. Please note: if you have chosen to have an unsecure NMBU-computer, your files will only be synchronized when you connect it to NMBUs network

You may check status for synchronization via Sync Center. Open Sync Center by pressing “Start” and write “Sync Center”. You will then get a shortcut to the program as shown:

Start Sync Center

Start Sync Center

With Sync Center you may see how it is configured, and status for synchronization. If you have any conflicts, they will also show here.

Status for synchronization

Status for synchronization

 Limitations with “Folder Redirection”

“Folder Redirection” is not the same as backup. If you delete a file while offline, this file will be deleted from your homearea next time you go online.

All files saved while offline, will of course not be saved to your homearea until you go online again. If you are working offline for longer periods, it will be wise to backup your data.

Data saved locally in folders without “Folder Redirection” will not be synchronized. It is your responsibility to make sure that your data is stored in a safe manner according to the ICT regulations for NMBU.

Your homearea will be backed up three times a day, and IT may recover files for you if you accidentally delete a file. If you have created a file and deleted it between backup-intervals, it will not be possible to recover it.

Synchronizing may take time, as it depends on the bandwidth of your connection. If you are connected to a slow network, synchronization will also be slow.


[1] Synchronization will be disabled if Windows detects a very slow connection.