Eduroam Android

Automatic setup for Android.

  1. Install “eduroam cat” published by Gèant on Play store.
  2. Select NMBU from the list (or search for NMBU) and install the profile.
  3. Fill in your and password.

Manual setup for Android(not recommended).

This guide applies to mobile units running on Android. The Example below is from a phone running Android 7.1. Look further below for older units.

1. Open Wi-Fi settings and connect to eduroam.

2. Choose the following settings:

  • PEAP under EAP method
  • MSCHAPV2 under Phase-2 authentication
  • Use system certificates under CA certificate
  • under domain.

The identity is your and your personal password.

If the settings above does not work you can try adding to the field Anonymous Identity.


For older units:

1. Go to settings


2. Select Wifi and then eduroam


3. Choose PEAP under EAP method and MSCHAPV2 under Phase 2 authentication.
Under Identity, type your In the Password field, enter your nmbu-password.  Leave the  Anonymous Identity field as empty.


4. Press Connect.