E-mail Employee

You have got a new e-mail account!


From the first of January 2014, this is your main e-mail account. You will no longer be able to send e-mails from your UMB/NVH account. E-mails that is sent to your UMB/NVH account, will be redirected to your new NMBU account. You will NOT lose your access to the old e-mail account.

NB! Remember to set your nmbu account as the default account i Outlook!

Read e-mail

There are several ways to access your new e-mail account!

NB! If you have Outlook 2007, you will not be able to add a new e-mail account. Use Alternative 1 or 3, to access your NMBU e-mail account.

How to get started

First of all: To start using your new email account, you have to activate your NMBU account.

If you have a UMB or a NVH PC, the typical steps can include:

  • Set up NMBU account in Outlook.
  • Setting NMBU account as the default account in Outlook.
  • Move NMBU account to the top of the list in the left column (drag and drop with the mouse).
  • Copy those contacts you want to preserve from the old account (UMB and NVH) in to your new NMBU account.
  • Copy emails you want to preserve from the old to the new account.
  • Copy any calendar entries over to the new NMBU calendar.

If you are working on the NMBU domain, through Remote Office or if your computer has been reformatted for NMBU, you will be able to add your UMB/NVH e-mail account to Outlook.



New and old webmail – Here you can find links to all the webmail alternatives.

E-mail for tablets, phones or e-mail clients:

To be able to read e-mail on you phone or tablet, you have to set up your device with a PIN-code screen lock. A swipe or pattern screen lock, will not be approved. If your device is not already set up with a PIN-code, you will be asked to do so, when you have added your account.

We are currently adding tutorials for more devices and clients.

You can find a tutorial for your device/client here.