Configure Secure logon with App

NMBU has implemented Secure logon (Two-factor authentication) on NMBU services off Campus. This means that you must use an extra one-time code (OTP) from SMS or app when logging in to NMBU services via computer, mobile and tablet.

If you do not enable secure login, you will not be able to access NMBU services outside the NMBU network

The app acts as a code chip, generating new code every 30 seconds. You launch the App when you need a one-time code. Note that it is important to have the right time on your mobile, to use the app. If you have manually set the time and date, it is recommended that you switch to automatic setup. There are no data use, or other costs to use the app.

Enable app:

Log in to with your NMBU username and password. Go to the “Secure Logon” tab

You now have the option to enable secure login with SMS and / or with the App.

To use the App, generate QR code if it is not already generated:

Installing the App:

Download Microsoft Authenticator from AppStore or PlayStore

You don’t have to allow notifications when it asks for it, but you must give it access to the camera to get scanned QR code. Add Account:

Choose School or Job

Scan the QR code from with your mobile phone

The app generates new code every 30 seconds. If there is only a few seconds left of the code duration, you may want to wait until it generates new code.

You do not need to be online to use the app, so no extra costs are generated when using the app. However, you must have the correct time on your mobile. And of course: You need to be online to use NMBU services off Campus.