Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace provides direct access to the computers in the NMBU computer labs for students.
See the instructions below, on how to install and get started with Citrix Workspace:

Download Citrix Workspace from the Citrix website, or from the “Microsoft Store.”
Once you have installed the application, restart your computer.
Apple Mac:
Download Citrix Workspace from the Citrix website.

DO NOT download Citrix Workspace from the “App Store”
Minimum requirement for Mac is OSX 10.13 (10.15 is recommended)

Windows / Mac
After the application has been installed DO NOT start Citrix Workspace.
Go to and log in with your NMBU username and password.
NMBU Two-factor authentication and MFA is required to access Citrix computer labs.

You should now be able to find “Citrix” in

Click on the computer lab and computer you want to connect to.
Open the downloaded file.

The file should now start a virtual window that gives you the opportunity to work in the same way as in a computer lab.

Please remember to log out of the computer when you are done, so it is available for the next person who wants to use the computer. The number of computers available, is the same number of computers as in the physical lab. The same restrictions apply.
Please do not occupy a computer for longer than necessary. A session cannot last longer than 12 hours per login