Configure Secure logon with SMS

NMBU has implemented Secure logon (Two-factor authentication) on NMBU services off Campus. This means that you must use an extra one-time code (OTP) from SMS or app when logging in to NMBU services via computer, mobile and tablet.

If you do not enable secure login, you will not be able to access NMBU services outside the NMBU network

In order to use one-time codes from SMS, you must first consent that we can use your mobile number in conjunction with two factor authentications. It doesn’t cost anything to receive SMS, even abroad.

Enable SMS:

Log in to with your NMBU username and password

Go to the “Secure Login” tab

Here you get the opportunity to enable secure login with SMS and / or with the App.

Under “Choose mobile number for secure login”, select your phone number. Remember to save your selection.

You will then receive one-time passwords via SMS

When private and / or job mobile numbers are not in NMBU’s systems:

If your mobile number is not available for selection under Secure logon, or the number is incorrect, the number must be entered in UBW / Agresso or FS before you can use it to receive one-time codes on SMS. It will take some time from entering the mobile number in UBW / Agresso or FS before it becomes available on

Student Guide (FS)
Employee Guide (UBW / Agresso)

Remember that you must activate the number via after it has been registerred in UBW / FS.