Change default applications in Windows 10

If you miss any features when you open a pdf, click an email address or follow a link after upgrading to Windows 10, it may be because Microsoft has set its own standards for some applications.
If you want a different standard than Microsoft has set, you can change these settings yourself:

Click Start (Windows button) at the bottom left corner

Type “Default” or “Standard” (without “), depending on which language you have on your machine. You do not need to click anywhere before writing, just click Start and start typing. There will be several suggestions:

Select Default app settings / Default app settings

Click the App you want to change, such as email, and select the desired default application, such as Outlook:

Select “Switch Anyway” / “Bytt likevel” if Windows asks you to use their defaults.

To change pdf application, select “Set defaults by app” / “Angi standard etter app”

Select Acrobat Reader and click Manage/Behandle:

Find “.pdf” -> Click “Microsoft Edge” -> Select Acrobat Reader