Autodesk Student License

Students at NMBU can register on Autodesks website to get access to software as for example student versions of Autocad, Civil3D etc.
The student license will give you access to thes programs for 3 year.

1. Go to this site to make and associate a student account:

2. Click on one of the programs to get to the page where you can make a new student user:

3. Click on “create an account”

4. Write in your own information and studentemail ( as shown in the example below. Remeber that you have to make a unique username for your autodesk user. The passord you create must be between 8-12 characters long and contain at least one letter and one number.

5. You will now get a mail in you studentmail to a link that you have to follow to authentify your new userprofile.

6. Now you can go back to the website of the program you wanted and choose “sign in” with your username(or studentmail) and password (for example

7. Then you can choose the version, language and operating system (notice that the mac-version of some of the programs usually are not available in the newest versions)

This will create a student license code that will appear on the bottom of the page, this will also be sent to your student mail. (If there for some reason appears an error message in the creation of the license, then it might help to log yourself out and in again of the Autodesk login.)

9. Click on download and wait for the download to complete before you open the file to start the download/installation process.

10. Click on “install” to choose program add-ins and to install.

Steps 6-10 can be repeated to download whatever program you want from the Autodesk education website