Add student mail to Gmail

You can add your NMBU mail to Gmail if you are a student. Here is how:

1. Push the cogwheel and choose “Settings”, then “Accounts and Import” then “Add a POP3 mail account you own”


2. Enter your then hit “Next Step”


3. Enter the information as in the picture below. Password is your NMBU password. POP Server is, Port is 995. Choose “Always use SSL”, you can also choose to leave a copy of the mail on the server, and you should lable the incomming messages.


4. If all went well you can now receive mail. To send follow the next steps. Click Yes then “Next Step”


5. Enter the information as in the picture below, with your and your password. Choose TLS and Port: 587. Hit “Add Account”


6. You will receive a confirmation email to your studentmail and you have to click the link in it to accept. When that is done you should receivee the following message and everything should be ok.