About new and old passwords when moving to NMBU

Passwords at NMBU

All employees and students get new accounts on IT systems at NMBU. As a general principle, you will only have one password for all systems. There may still be some exceptions for a transitional period.

To use NMBU systems must be set passwords for your NMBU account.

About old and new passwords for employees and students from NVH

The new password you set applies to NMBU services.

In a transition phase NVH services will remain active. The password for NVH services are not synchronized with the new NMBU password (such as for UMB) . This means you still have to use the old password for NVH services – for example, to log on your PC (until you have changed it to a NMBU PC).

But the new NMBU password must be used to email account ( outlook) and administrative systems.

About old and new passwords for staff and students from UMB

The new password you set applies to NMBU services.

It also applies to the “old” UMB services where the zone 1 password is used. In other words: Zone 1 password is identical to the NMBU password. This means that you use the new password also by logging into your PC.

Within NMBU there will be no password zones – htis means teh Zone 2 password will dissappear. You will have only one password within NMBU.

However – in a transition phase, UMB services remain active, and the zone 2 passwords still have to be used on UMB systems within zone 2 as long as these services are active. Zone2 password remains unchanged.