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Eduroam on Windows 10

Go to Choose NMBU Download network profile Follow steps in installation and enter as username and password for your user Manual settings for Windows 10 (not recommended). If the automatic set-up file does not work, try this manual set-up. Step 1: Left-click the wireless icon and left-click ‘Eduroam’ Step 2: Make sure ‘connect […]

Mail OSX

  This documentation is written for Mac OS X version 10.10 and newer macOS versions.   Open the “Mail” application on your mac and add the account as shown in the image below. Select “Exchange” as the server. Select “Sign in“ Then fill in your information.The test user has the email address: This must […]

Email Android

For the best possible performance of the upgraded email solution, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Outlook app from Play Store. In the Outlook app you also have the option to add accounts from other servers (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.). The upgraded email solution requires 2 factor authentication, instructions on how to set this […]

Webmail – Office365

NB! You must set a password for your NMBU account before you can read e-mail! To read e-mail go to this address: Then fill in your information. The test user has the email address: This must be replaced with your email address: (possibly middle name) … and enter your password. You now […]

Internet at SiÅs apartments

(Only for Campus Ås) Autumn of 2020, a new network solution will be established at SiÅs. More information about the new network solution is written below. Your apartmentis equipped with both wireless and wired internet connection through a local network device. Network portal Mino (Launched in August) You can make changes and report errors on […]

AIP client and classification for students

The Azure Information Protection client (classic) is the original downloadable client for organizations that use Azure Information Protection to classify and protect documents and emails, or use a Rights Management service to protect their data. If the API client is not installed on your machine then it can be installed from: One should use […]

VPN on Ubuntu

This documentation is based on use of Ubuntu 18.10 and the default Firefox web browser. It is also validated with Ubuntu 20.10 LTS. The views may differ when using other versions and there has been report of problems while using Google Chrome web browser. As part of the IT-department work to improve both user experience […]