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Grading in Fagpersonweb

Remember to register compulsory activities before entering grades. Grades may be registered in Fagpersonweb Wiseflow By mail to This guide shows how to grade in Fagpersonweb. Log on to Fagpersonweb Choose language to the top right. Pick “grading” from the top menu Find the course you want to grade. Be aware of the semester filter on […]


Canvas is NMBUs learning managment system from 2017. Log in: FEIDE username and password may be retrieved or updated at Guides:

Urkund – plagiarism tool

NMBU has an agreement with Urkund for checking students papers for plagiarism. Urkund might be used in 3 different settings: Through the learning management system Canvas Through the system for digital exam Wiseflow Upload files direct to Urkund (choose NMBU from the right dropdown menu): User manuals for Urkund in Canvas: urkund-canvas-manual-1-setting-up-assignment-v1-0-0 urkund-canvas-manual-2-viewing-results-teacher-v1-0-0 urkund-canvas-manual-3-student-submission-and-results-v1-0-0

Digital student verification

You may download the student verification app “studentbevis” here: App store (IOS) Google Play (Android) The app is not available for windows this year.           Log on with username and password Student verificaton not valid   Student verification valid   To validate your student ID app, you must pay the semester fee […]

Edit Employee profile

How to edit your profile page (kindly translated by Lena Margrethe Bakke): 1. Search for you name on (choose employees) and open your own profile page. The green field on top is the “business card” part and is automatically updated from Paga. Most employees will have to upload the profile photo yourself; otherwise, the […]

Student card/Employee id-card

A NMBU ID card may be aquired in the main reception in the Cirkus building or at The Students Computer Service. Remember to bring a valid ID-card. The student ID cards is personal and certifies that you are student at NMBU​. The student card is used for:​ Accessing buildings, computer labs, laboratories etc.​ Valid ID […]