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VPN for Windows 10 – employee

There are several ways to connect to VPN using Windows 10. You can either follow the steps on the guide for VPN for Windows 8 or the following steps: Press the Windows button and search for “VPN”. Choose the system setting called “Change virtual private networks (VPN)“. Choose “Add a VPN connection” Fill inn the […]


EndNote enables you to store, organize and retrieve your literature references to books, articles, websites etc. How do I access EndNote? EndNote is available for use on most computers in the public computer rooms on campus. You can also download EndNote to your PC/Mac from the NMBU intranet. Library’s guide to endnote:

Eduroam at Norwegian airports

Wireless access at Norwegian airports for staff and students from colleges and universities is now a permanent service from UNINETT, in cooperation with Avinor, the Norwegian airport authority.A comprehensive trial in the summer and fall of 2013 has resulted in positive feedback from the users, and 35 higher education intitutions have signed up for the […]

Home Office

Home Office is a tool that gives you access to a NMBU desktop no matter where you are working from, as long as you are connected to the internet. From here you can access your home area, common files, standard applications and administrative services. Change in login method 13.07.18 From this date, remote desktop solutions […]