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New certificate for eduroam

Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, we switched to a new certificate (security mechanism) used for eduroam login. If you have the old certificate installed in your eduroam profile on your device, you can experience difficulties logging on eduroam. The solution for most people will be to download the eduroam profile again. Remember that the login […]

Important changes for existing students

Home/Common resources folders As of July 8th your old Homefolder and the common resources folders on UMB and NVH and all Computer rooms that are not converted into NMBU be unavailable. You will not be losing any of the files from your Homefolder, which will be available at your new NMBU account as a folder, […]

Outlook guidelines

Here are guidelines for Outlook ongoing basis posted Scheduling a meeting and book a room in Outlook E-mail employee Set up NMBU-email in existing Outlook Add UMB account to NMBU Outlook Move and backup email Set NMBU  account as default for Outlook Remove logon dialog every time you open Outlook Tips and tricks in Outlook […]