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ICT regulations for NMBU

Background NMBU have ICT regulations that govern how staff and students can use the ICT facilities of NMBU. The “ICT Regulations for NMBU” is a formal legal document and should as far as possible contain only the rules, ie orders and prohibitions. Recommendations, guidelines, etc. will be found in the University’s document base. ICT regulations […]

Set default proofing language in Outlook 2010

If you experience that the spell checker in Outlook uses wrong language, you can fix this by either changing the language, or simply turn off the running spell check: 1. Change spell check language Open the File menu and select “Options”: Choose «Language» in the Options dialog box: Find the «Choose Editing Languages» section and […]

Remove logon dialog every time you open Outlook

Do you get a logon dialog box each time you open Outlook after you added your NMBU-mail account? Close Outlook. Go to “Control Panel” – “User Accounts” – “Credential Manager” Select “Add a Windows credential” (middle of the page) and fill in the information below: When you have completed the form, it should look like […]

About new and old passwords when moving to NMBU

Passwords at NMBU All employees and students get new accounts on IT systems at NMBU. As a general principle, you will only have one password for all systems. There may still be some exceptions for a transitional period. To use NMBU systems must be set passwords for your NMBU account. About old and new passwords […]

What ‘s new – general and practical information

From New Year both NVH and UMB will be NMBU, which involves a number of changes. First of all, please note that password must set for the new NMBU user before you can use any NMBU services. Learn how: set NMBU password NMBU services – general information All services for accounting and finances, HR-systems, archiving […]