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Register private mobile phone in Agresso

Follow these instructions to set a private mobile phone in Agresso. For a visual demonstration, see Log on to UBW/Agresso portal: Click “Personenl Information”. Click “Contact information”. Under headline “Address” click the line with your home address. Under headline “Phone numbers” fill in your private mobile phone in the field “Home” If you […]

Print to PullPrint from Linux and Mac

This tutorial describes how to print to PullPrint on a Linux or Mac. First you need the correct printerdriver on Your machine. If you allready have the right driver installed you can continue to “Open the site” Activate CUPS via Terminal: Open the Terminal application. If you are on a Mac you write ‘cupsctl WebInterface=yes’ and […]

Copy data from shared area at UMB to shared area at NMBU

This is a step by step tutorial for copying data from shared area at UMB to shared area at NMBU. Shared area at UMB is found here: \\\Archive\UMB-Felles Shared area at NMBU is located at drive Y: Open Windows Explorer Go to UMB shared area by typing “\\\Archive\UMB-Felles” in address bar and browse to folder/files […]

Remote administration for IT issues

At NMBU we offer remote administration for IT issues if conventional support via telephone does not solve a problem. Remote administration must be coordinated with IT-support. On campus we use Remote Desktop. Off campus we use Teamvewer. To initiate an remote administration session using Teamviewer you must visit the following webpage Accept to run the application. […]