Configuration of two-factor authentication

From the 29. of June 2020 we require secure logon (also called 2-factor authentication or MFA) in Office 365 for employees, students and guests.

The wizard for secure logon will be displayed when we activate it for your user, or by opening the page when you want to change the settings. The page only works for employees and students.

When secure logon is activated for you you will be prompted with the following screen at first login to office 365:

Clicking Next will guide you through a wizard, where you need to enable secure logon.

The next screen tells you what to do. First, get the “Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone, if it is not already there. We recommend using the app rather than SMS because it is more secure, more easy, and quicker. If you do not have the possibility to use the app, you can click  «I want to set up a different method» to the left below the “Next” button, anc chose Phone, to set up SMS.

Now, open “Microsoft Authenticator” on your phone, click “Add account” and chose “Work or School”. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen, and go through with the test authentication. We recommend adding SMS as a methor as well, if you for instant get a new phone, and need to set up the app on your phone again.

We require using secure login when accessing services in Office 365 from outside of campus.

Do you have questions regarding secure logon/ 2 factor authentication / MFA? Please reach out to us at and we will help you!