Classification of files

In conjuncton with the introduction of Office 365 and relocation of the home area to OneDrive for business, files must be classified.
Be aware that not all files can be classified – Microsoft has a list of file types that can be classified here.

The Document Center has created a guide for classification here:

To classify all the files in a folder, do the following:
All existing files in this folder are classified as selected while new files are created as unclassified and may need to be classified if needed

Right-click on the current folder or file and select “Classify and protect”


In the next window select the right classification.

Finish with apply

The report will in the end provide with an overview of which files are classified and which, if any, must be handled manually.

If you find it difficult to classify individual files, it is likely that the files are either research material or casework, which has other file types. In the first case; Contact the research department or the Document Center.