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VPN for Windows 10 – employee

There are several ways to connect to VPN using Windows 10. You can either follow the steps on the guide for VPN for Windows 8 or the following steps: Press the Windows button and search for “VPN”. Choose the system setting called “Change virtual private networks (VPN)“. Choose “Add a VPN connection” Fill inn the […]

Office 365 for students: Change of login method and introduction of two-factor authentication from the 29. of June

Change of login method Up to now, login to Office 365 has been done using From the 29. of June your full NMBU email address must be used: Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication is login with more than just a password. From the 29. of June, in addition to your password, you need to […]

New VPN for you who has local administrator on your computer

As part of the IT-department work to improve both user experience and security, we have prepared a new VPN solution. You can find the new solution here: It requires two-factor and secure login through our single-sign-on service, if you are not on campus. The first time you try to start the resource “VPN-Employee”, you […]

AIP client and classification for students

The Azure Information Protection client (classic) is the original downloadable client for organizations that use Azure Information Protection to classify and protect documents and emails, or use a Rights Management service to protect their data. If the API client is not installed on your machine then it can be installed from: One should use […]

FagpersonWeb – send e-post

Send e-post E-post er tilgjengelig fra studentsiden, emnesiden og studieprogramsiden. Fagpersonen kan sende e-post til de studentene som vises i studentlisten. E-postfunksjonen tar hensyn til det som er valgt i filteret i studentfanen, slik at det er mulig å sende e-post til for eksempel bare ett undervisningsparti, ett kull eller undervisningsmeldte i ett emne. Når […]