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NMBU Orion Compute Cluster

Orion is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster infrastructure available to employees, PhD and master students at NMBU. Orion can handle small-scale projects, but if you need more CPU-hours, please consider applying for national infrastructure resources: If you want to apply to access Orion, please fill out this file and submit it using the following […]

Eduroam on Windows 10

Go to Choose NMBU Download network profile Follow steps in installation and enter as username and password for your user Manual settings for Windows 10 (not recommended). If the automatic set-up file does not work, try this manual set-up. Step 1: Left-click the wireless icon and left-click ‘Eduroam’ Step 2: Make sure ‘connect […]

Teams Call Queue – log in and out

From your top right corner, click on your picture and select “settings”. Select “Calls” and scroll down to the bottom. Choose whether to receive calls or not. Only Call Queues that you are member off will show. If the button is grey, it means that you are active, and will receive calls in the queue.

Calls in Teams

This article contains links to Microsofts user guides for making and managing calls in Teams: Make calls Call a phone number Answer a call Start a call from a chat Add someone to a call Make multiple calls at the same time Put a call on hold Transfer a call Manage calls Park a call […]

Mail OSX

  This documentation is written for Mac OS X version 10.10 and newer macOS versions.   Open the “Mail” application on your mac and add the account as shown in the image below. Select “Exchange” as the server. Select “Sign in“ Then fill in your information.The test user has the email address: This must […]

Email Android

For the best possible performance of the upgraded email solution, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Outlook app from Play Store. In the Outlook app you also have the option to add accounts from other servers (Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, etc.). The upgraded email solution requires 2 factor authentication, instructions on how to set this […]