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NMBU Orion Compute Cluster

Orion is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster infrastructure available to employees, PhD and master students at NMBU. Orion can handle small-scale projects, but if you need more CPU-hours, please consider applying for national infrastructure resources: Sigma2. If you want to use Orion, please apply here . Contact: For any Orion compute cluster related enquiry:

Secure logon (Two-factor authentication)

NMBU has implemented Secure logon (Two-factor authentication) on NMBU services off Campus. This means that you must use an extra one-time code (OTP) from SMS or app when logging in to NMBU services via computer, mobile and tablet. The exception is NMBU controlled PCs on campus networks. These PCs will not be required one-time code to log-on. If […]

ICT regulations for NMBU

Background NMBU have ICT regulations that govern how staff and students can use the ICT facilities of NMBU. The “ICT Regulations for NMBU” is a formal legal document and should as far as possible contain only the rules, ie orders and prohibitions. Recommendations, guidelines, etc. will be found in the University’s document base. ICT regulations […]