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General information

NMBU Orion Compute Cluster

Orion is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) cluster infrastructure available to employees, PhD and master students at NMBU. Orion can handle small-scale projects, but if you need more CPU-hours, please consider applying for national infrastructure resources: If you want to apply to access Orion, please fill out this file and submit it using the following […]

Email upgrade

Two-factor authentication You need to configure two-factor authentication before you can set up email on your mobile. It will apply every 14 days on computers and mobile devices off-campus. It is recommended that you install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone. Email via Outlook Outlook is set to automatically find the mailbox after […]

Student card/Employee id-card

A NMBU ID card may be aquired in the main reception in the Cirkus building or at The Students Computer Service. Remember to bring a valid ID-card. The student ID cards is personal and certifies that you are student at NMBU​. The student card is used for:​ Accessing buildings, computer labs, laboratories etc.​ Valid ID […]

ICT regulations for NMBU

Background NMBU have ICT regulations that govern how staff and students can use the ICT facilities of NMBU. The “ICT Regulations for NMBU” is a formal legal document and should as far as possible contain only the rules, ie orders and prohibitions. Recommendations, guidelines, etc. will be found in the University’s document base. ICT regulations […]